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Not Yours To Take

This song is by Mostly Autumn and appears on the album Dressed In Voices (2014).

I have dreams like you, it's true
I touch life like you, it's true
I don't know your face, my life, my world, one shot
You would take my life, my world, my hopes, my dreams, my woman, my child
You can touch the world, the song, you heard it's wrong, so wrong

Oh my dear how I'd long to see why
So many words can't even say goodbye

Down and out and up they go
Like dominoes they fall
And it's you that I thank for my life was so short
Just another domino

Oh my love just one warm kiss
I would hold and hold and hold you
If you were only here
As I fall and I kiss the ground
No chance to say goodbye
To all the dreams in the future
Just gone in a shot, in a shot

You would take my life
Not yours to take

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