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The Way to Eternity

This song is by Mortuary and appears on the album The Diary of a Victim (2006).

Only Death in the Holy sand
Will show you the way to eternity
Suicide in the tears of Nile

"I've got to the Northern City,
And step on the locust's field."

Who are you and what is your name?

"I am, who had grown in underbrush of reed
My name is - Oliveman"

Why you want to pass here?

"I want to avoid the city, which lies
To the north from olive village."

What do you want to see there?

"Leg with a hip."

What do you want to say there?

"I saw the joy in the enemy camp."

What do you want to receive there?

"Fire and table of faience."

What will you doing whit they?

"Will have buried them on the shore of the Lake of Truth,
Like a evening sacrifice."

What will you find on a shore of the Lake of Truth?

"A Hammer of Flint, his name is - "Breath Giver."

What will you do with flame and table of faience
After buried them?

"I'll be crying for them, will dig out a table of faience
And will go out the fire. Then I'll have broke
A table of faience and throw it in to the lake."

Go far from there.
Will pass thought the Gates Of Chamber Of Both Truth,
Because you know Us!

"Anubis, take my hand,
I'll be follow you to the Chamber of Both Truth.
To the trial of Osiris."

-The feather of Maat is light -

"I'm clean!"
"I'm clean!"
"I'm clean!"
"I'm clean!"

-Enter in to my Kingdom!-

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