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The Desert of Dreams

This song is by Mortuary and appears on the album The Diary of a Victim (2006).

No fear, You in Egypt
You going deep in past
Tonight under the moonlight
You must be at the temple of Osiris

Follow me to the other side!

Through the stone pass
To the other side
In another world
Under another sun

Take my heart and my soul,
Osiris, Anubis!
Life without sense,
Without beginning,
Without end
I'm stranger for my self
I live in my dreams
Only in a dreams.
Check my heart on your scales!

Your name is in the Book of Deads
And Book of Life is silent
No turning back!

The sun gift a dawn
And rainbows on the fields
Where eagles fly
Above the purple clouds
Fire has burned down
Ashes has cooled down
The page is turned

Wake up!

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