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Obsessia Diaboli

This song is by Mortuary and appears on the EP Satanicum Liturgy Misticum (2003).

The night dropped her cover again
I hear the same voices in my head
And morbid feed
My desire possessed fury and evil
I wear a ritual garment
It's time for a purify murder ceremonial
I feel that lust in the bottom of my soul
Desire the cult of death satisfy every night
I take a cold steel in my head
Making a hartred sword from hate
And only the non washed blood fraces
Showing a number of next act!
I'm going hunt - like a wolf instinct
In the reverse tringle it will be you
I soaking my fingers in you body
When your body alredy rot - I clean it draws symbols
But your soul I will keep in the ring of eternity!

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