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Dead Life

This song is by Mortuary and appears on the album Shine of the End (1995).

What am I seeing in my dreams
Awaken this night?
A decaying world
Dead people and even more dying
And it seems there's not
Hope for the real future
(Solo: Martinez)

Something is wrong in this dead life
Can your eyes distinguish
Black from white?
Can your ears distinguish
Thunder from silence?
Visualize the destruction of this

One thing is for sure
Something in your life
It had crossed your mind
And going though
The dark walls of your brain
Which will be the culmination
Of this plague
And dazzing life
Death of death
Or life of life?
(Solo: Martinez)

Days without light
As the sun sets his blood
Draining death
This prostrated world
Its beings are returning
Weak, sickish and dying
And they are all
Truly dead at my sight

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