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Poetenes Evangelium (1993)Edit

Morten Harket - Poetenes Evangelium

Poetenes Evangelium

  • This Album is sung in Norwegian. (English Titles in brackets)
  1. Natten (The Night)
  2. Hymne Til Josef (Hymn To Joseph)
  3. Salome
  4. Elisabeth Synger Ved Johannes Døperens Død (Elisabeth Sings At The Death Of John The Baptist)
  5. Fra Templet (At The Temple)
  6. Hvor Krybben Stod (Where The Cradle Stood)
  7. Rytteren (The Rider)
  8. Sviket (The Betrayal)
  9. Påske (Easter)
  10. Den Fremmede (The Stranger)
  11. Den Fremmede Taler Til Mennesket (The Stranger Addresses Man)
  12. Engelen (The Angel)

Wild Seed (1995)Edit

Morten Harket - Wild Seed

Wild Seed

  1. A Kind Of Christmas Card
  2. Spanish Steps
  3. Half In Love, Half In Hate
  4. Brodsky Tune
  5. Wild Seed
  6. Los Angeles
  7. East Timor
  8. Lay Me Down Tonight
  9. Tell Me What You See
  10. Stay
  11. Lord
  12. Ready To Go Home

Vogts Villa (1996)Edit

Morten Harket - Vogts Villa

Vogts Villa

  • This Album is sung in Norwegian.
  1. Tilbake Til Livet
  2. Jeg Kjenner Ingen Fremtid
  3. Herre I Drømmen
  4. Fremmed Her
  5. Søndag Morgen
  6. Gammal Og Vis
  7. Taksameteret Går
  8. Himmelske Danser
  9. Lyser Når Du Drar
  10. Vuggevise

Letter From Egypt (2008)Edit

Morten Harket - Letter From Egypt

Letter From Egypt

  1. Darkspace
  2. Send Me An Angel
  3. We'll Never Speak Again
  4. There Are Many Ways To Die
  5. With You - With Me
  6. Letter From Egypt
  7. A Name Is A Name
  8. Movies
  9. Shooting Star
  10. Anyone
  11. Should The Rain Fall
  12. The One You Are

Out Of My Hands (2012)Edit

Morten Harket - Out of My Hands

Out Of My Hands

  1. Scared Of Heights
  2. Keep The Sun Away
  3. Lightning
  4. I'm The One
  5. Quiet
  6. Burn Money Burn
  7. When I Reached The Moon
  8. Listening
  9. Just Believe It
  10. Out Of My Hands

Brother (2014)Edit

Morten Harket - Brother


  1. Brother
  2. Do You Remember Me?
  3. Safe with Me
  4. Whispering Heart
  5. Heaven Cast
  6. There Is a Place
  7. Oh What a Night
  8. End of the Line
  9. Can't Answer This
  10. First Man to the Grave

Songs from SoundtracksEdit

  1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (from the soundtrack Coneheads (1993))


Other SongsEdit

  1. Slanted Floor
  2. With You With Me

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