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Germ Farm

This song is by Morta Skuld and appears on the album For All Eternity (1995).

Bred within unwilling rodents
Prey; The inner predators latch
The moving dead; carriers of microbes
Their death is post poned until the hatch

The living seeds of disease
Hibernate, wait patiently
Expanding while feeding on tissue
Slow death is what they issue

Insides burrowed hollow
Devour digest swallow
Spread inflict perfect

They multiply in hunger and size
To populate conquer and rise
Anticipate time of release
The humans will fall in disease

Into food and water consumed by all
Incubating the organs in which they
Start with the deltoid, gorge to an arm
Reminiscent of what began on the germ

Snack on yellow fat
Layer upon layer
Rip away red muscle

Tannish pink intestines
Blush membranes
Networks of blood vessels
Satisfy the grave

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