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Treatment Impossible (Suicide Enough)

This song is by Morrah and appears on the album Sense of Brutality (2009).

As still as cold as blood
Darkness controls my mind
Suicide's not a crime
Lunacy becomes my fate
Mental treatment is too late
Sanity retires cowardly

Do not think you are obsessed
When you open the aid-man's chest
He had never been alive
Evil spreads like plague through minds
Inserted thoughts will me my guide
Making the treatment impossible
Let's go!

I don't need no doctor's stuff
Suicide would be enough
I have tools of any kind
There's no reason to go on
All the gods I called upon
Couldn't give the answer for why I kill

Senseless disorder
Life is no more than just a game
Pain is subconscious
Reality is what's not