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Born by Accident

This song is by Morrah and appears on the album Sense of Brutality (2009).

His car started up at the first swing
His wife war near her time
Premature rapture of amniotic fluid sac
That's why they sped to the town

The monster's life is at stake
That's what they fear most
Step on the gas in order to
Resch the town at any cost

She was lying on the back seat
Her man was driving a car
Couldn't catch sight of a blear coming from nowhere
In a moment they crashed against a tree

He was cut in half by the seatbelt
His top part flew through the windscreen
His wife died instantly because of the hole in her temple
After all it was their last trip

The spots of the blood
Remains of their bodies
Lie bent and warped

Can't believe it, prenatal contractions
Suddenly began
Mutilated young dead woman
Gave birth to a child
Poor orphan, come to this world accidentally
First thing he saw screaming was
His mother bleeding

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