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Black Light

This song is by Morrah and appears on the album Sense of Brutality (2009).

It's the place of abnormality
Everything is strange and dangerous in some degree
There's smell of fear beyond the line
Eternal night controls those living creatures of unknown kind
Watch your step, it's getting dangerous, and look what's behind
And the last thing, beware of when it shines
They call it black light

And don't even try to understand the essence of the matter implied
Rotten stench replaces balmy air, illusions delight
No one can hear the sound
External shine, it takes control over your breathing and sight
Fuzzy images will take the form of things you deny
Fear controls your mind
Infernal, external, eternal black light

No one knows where it's come from, try to solve the mystery
Many men could happen to end up hung up on a tree
There was a hunter, he once felt that something
Victimized and then devoured him
It was inconceivable but those things exist
Looks like it's invincible, no reason to resist
It makes you lose your mind, it will bring you sorrow
Victims of the light won't see the dawn of a tomorrow inspired with
Fear and fire crossed the night
Estimate and taste the power of light

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