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Album by Morphine.
  1. Dawna (instrumental)
  2. Buena
  3. I'm Free Now
  4. All Wrong
  5. Candy
  6. A Head with Wings
  7. In Spite of Me
  8. Thursday
  9. Cure for Pain
  10. Mary Won't You Call My Name?
  11. Let's Take a Trip Together
  12. Sheila
  13. Miles Davis' Funeral (instrumental)

Written by:

  • Mark Sandman

Produced by:

  • Paul Q. Kolderie
  • Mark Sandman


  • Mark Sandman: 2-string slide bass, tritare, guitar, organ, lead vocals
  • Dana Colley: baritone sax, tenor sax; backing vocals on #8 and #10
  • Jerome Deupree: drums
  • Billy Conway: drums on #9 and #11; cocktail drum on #8
  • Jimmy Ryan: mandolin on #7
  • Ken Winokur: percussion on #13
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