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​Sun Machine

This song is by Morley and appears on the album Sun Machine (1998).

Send all your love
Send love through me
Soft we'd speak
Now I can see
You lifted my eyes
Then took to the sky

Our time isn't long here
Believe in the song dear
Secret inside
And nothing is mine

You lifted me high
My tears burn the sky

No, No more sadness
Only, love in your name
I never could change this...
I need you to shine you
Sun machine

Shine, shine through me
Burn through my hands
Lord, set me free
Help me understand
Please burn with delight
The greed of mankind

No, no more sadness!
Only, love in your name
I never could change this
One day I'm going to be a part of
Your sun machine

Love, love you have changed your fault
Filling the sky
I, feel there is nothing all right
All of this change brings me down
Back to the ground
Without you...
You, you hung the stars in the sky so high
And I'm reaching up
Pushing through the years
My love

No, no more sadness!
Only, only love in your name!
I never could change this.