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The Second Coming

This song is by Morifade and appears on the album Domination (2004).

(Music: H. Weimedal, Lyrics: S. Petersson)

Never saw it coming
Who can tell there's a change in history?
Never saw the new age dawn on us all

Time was just a concept
Made to limit the frightening infinity
Can't remember losing the sense of control

In the days of old
Every second craved a choice
But now we're free
To just follow the orders we're told

Slavery is freedom
In the age of the second coming
There's strength in ignorance
The evolution has finally come to end

Got screens to watch us
Satellites that sensor your every move
Surveillance made to keep us safe

Ordered existence
The Superior provides you with what you need
Once marked and numbered you know your place

Solos: J. Johansson / R. Arnell

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