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Clarity (Fragments Of A Dream)

This song is by Morifade and appears on the album Domination (2004).

(Music: H. Weimedal, Lyrics: S. Petersson)

I pass for one who no one's ever known
A cell secluded, trained to be alone

I put my trust in what I know is real
I know the rules, what's right to think and feel

Ever since we're born we're shaped and formed
Their words echo in my head
Free yourselves - conform

This age of clarity
Where each must play a part
This states prosperity
Depends on what we learn right from the start

Our leader, superior, give us the strength
To follow your command
Fill us with your vision, give us the might
To carry through with your plan

Solo: F. Eriksson

I pass for one whom I have never known
If I've felt shattered, never has it shown

But fragments of a dream come clear at night
Wakes me with a scream, breaks my sweat in fright

This age of clarity, is not all I have seen
This states prosperity, does not infect the place I've been
Age of clarity, there's something I must find
This states rigidity, raises all these questions in my mind

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