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​Phrenetic Dream Of Earth

This song is by Mordab and appears on the album Darker Than Grave (2008).

Now you're in the grave, in my embrace
CPU brain, is out of your rotten face
Where's your mania, chronic dysphoria
Are sucked by soil, are sainted with my grace

You feel my waves, from my inner core
Sounds of whispering, augment it more and more
Epitome from within, deep from stricken heart
Stank me with your sins, crimson me with your gore

Vicious homicide everywhere, vortex of wrath...
Oblivious to conscience and misleading human path

Why?! (3)

(You've) polluted my sky with my blood
(You've) enraged my rivers to flood
(You've) poisoned my jungles and seas
Be sure (you) will be freezed on your knees

Technology digs / your grave by your own (hand)
If not, my suicide / from the core up to the zone
What the hell have you done? / jus' disgraced me to sun

But no place to hide / and there is nowhere to run
Now come through myself / I summon your essence
And I will absorb you all / the last where to fence
I will forgive you for sins / I will forgive you for lies
(You) would come in my soul / so open your eyes