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​Galaxy Of Obliquity

This song is by Mordab and appears on the album In To The Mordab (2006).

Man's brain can expands from its normal size up to a galaxy.

Immortally you ll consign your mould to me
And feel new destiny
Your brain will be fouled in me
Death maggot creeps testily

Now I'll show you sth. in your mind
A galaxy (which) no telescope can find
Multi -ultra my eyes of blind, behind

Take me ...from my dark earth of sanity
Nobody knows me ... nobody knows me

Keep me... from the mephistopheles of vanity
He can not rows me ...he can not rows me

Cleanse me... from anxiety-infected blotch
Scotched my soule... with his scutch

Mania stars in brain's black hole
Meteors of wrath attack ma solar soule

Now you hide through my brain
And observe nebula of insane
Orbital satellites -carnal chain
Vortex of addiction-acid rain
Time of lying's passed
Nothing's left at last
Corruptions everywhere
Nuclear bombs blast
When sun becomes red giant... earth
And swallows everything and birth
No fourth dimension, liar's hand
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