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Enshrined By Grace

This song is by Morbid Angel and appears on the album Heretic (2003).

Depredate, restraint is not an option
This world has fallen, now scorched and barren
The rage of lunatics shall lead us nevermore
The hand, long forgotten, shall feed the blessed now

Arise our ancient Golom (defeat this enemy)
God strength upon the (the leach infested)
Rise our ancients wisdom (bring your pestilence)

Rectify, with haste your wrath awakened
Malfeasance, you scorn this world
Enshrined by grace, your shadows blinds the feeble
Disentail the noble few

Arise our ancient Golom defeat this enemy
God strength upon the leach infested
Rise our ancients wisdom destroy this wasteland
Enshrined by grace devour this presceance
Light the flame of redemption

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