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​Healer and Death

This song is by Moray Eel and appears on the album Priest Hunter (2006).

As story goes, some centuries ago,
There lived magician's assistant
The aptest pupil he had soon to go
To arabs, where the schools are distant!

He learned so hard and tried to figure
Why people had to die so fast
The mystery of Death he was so eager
To own, and healing was his lust

You see me at the end of bed
Then you can save the poor lad
When at the heads I'm standing still
Don't even try, I'll break the deal!

As years passed by he saved the ill
Not hundreds but tenth more
He travelled, worked and kept their deal
Till his heart trouble tore

When he returned to hometown
Bad news was waiting for him
The love of his life in black gown
Layed on the deathbed, still!

I'm standing at the head of bed
What will you do, my friend?
When at the heads I'm standing still
Don't even try I'll break the deal!

The prize for you is reach life and youth
For me - you'll later know the truth!