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Bottom Line

This song is by Montell Jordan and appears on the album Life After Def (2003).

Bottom line gone work it out
Gone handle it
Gone stick together
Gone work it out
I can't give up on you baby
Don't you give up on me baby

Why do I be acting like I don't need you
How many times you gone say we're through
Are we crazy
Because lately
We continue to cross that line
I'm sick and tired of who's right or wrong
I just need to know our love is strong
Cause in the run
You are the right one
This is all I have to say

Repeat 2x

I know that couples brake you everyday
Sometimes it's easier to walk away
We gone fight girl
But keep it tight girl
And remove those bags from the door
Baby I'm there for us through thick and thin
I said it once and I'll say it again
Nobody's walkin'
I'm done talkin'
This is all I have to say

Repeat 2x

Baby we can work it out
I know we can work it out
Never ever giving up
Baby that's what love's about

Repeat 4x

Repeat tell end
I can't give up on you Baby

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