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The Postcard

This song is by Monster Bobby and appears on the album Gaps (2007).

We had pizza in Milano and reindeer in Helsinki
We had to get a hotel, the bars was awful stinky
I sent you a postcard almost every time we went to
Told you that I missed you so in every card I sent you

And you were [Incomprehensible]
And these messages will always make me smile
Many lonely nights are far away
Thinking of you

As you tear holes in my shirt, you fill the holes up in my heart
It tears me to pieces every time we part
I love you, I love you, I love you, my darling
Found the path to off my heart

And they sang in your voice on the telephone
Will always make me smile
Still almost every night I'll wallow in
Thinking of you


Written by:

Robert Barry

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