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Self Reflection

This song is by Monoscream and appears on the album Redemption (2011).

Feel the flowing taint
There's no way letting go
Control the actions as it spreads
This body's saying no

Disease is rotting and there's nothing more to do
Living this life seems harder than it used to
Can't escape all this misery
The tragedy
That will haunt all dreams

Why did it have to be this way
Finding the answers in a bottle
Trying to live life by the day
This disease is taking over
Corrupting thoughts of being sober

Degradation of my own fate
I'm standing still, until it's too late
No fear,
No more reason to live
I've got nothing more to give

Why did it have to be this way
What chose me for this fucking burden
Fighting to keep my sanity

Time to end this whole charade
Seeing through the mistakes been made
Stop living in sorrow
Now is the time to end it all.
Let go of devouring poison
It only reflects all anger
This is a self reflection of hate
Reflecting my hate
Self reflection

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