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Head Under Water (2004)Edit

Mono Inc. - Head Under Water
Head Under Water
  1. Burn Me
  2. The Last Waltz
  3. The Hole
  4. Superman
  5. Pain Machine
  6. Euthanasia
  7. My Sorrow
  8. Flies
  9. Grown
  10. Looking Back
  11. Saving You
  12. Not Like Me

Temple of the Torn (2007)Edit

Mono Inc. - Temple Of The Torn
Temple of the Torn
  1. Temple of the Torn
  2. Won't Forget This Day
  3. The Condemned
  4. Two Sinners
  5. In My Heart
  6. Just Because I Love You
  7. My-Sick-Mind-TV
  8. Avalon
  9. Somberland
  10. Saving Grace
  11. The Torn Reprise

Teach Me to Love (2008)Edit

Mono Inc. - Teach Me to Love
Teach Me to Love
  1. Teach Me to Love
  2. Teach Me to Love
  3. In My Heart
  4. The Last Waltz
  5. My-Sick-Mind-TV

Pain, Love & Poetry (2008)Edit

Mono Inc. - Pain, Love And Poetry
Pain, Love And Poetry
  1. This Is The Day
  2. The Last Waltz
  3. Teach Me To Love
  4. Sleeping My Day Away
  5. Bloodmoon
  6. Get Some Sleep
  7. Planet Shame
  8. Life Hates You
  9. Somewhere Else Than Here
  10. Burn Me
  11. Pain Machine

Voices of Doom (2009)Edit

Mono Inc. - Voices Of Doom
Voices of Doom
  1. Voices of Doom
  2. Gothic Queen
  3. Pain
  4. If I Fail
  5. Forgiven
  6. Rest in Grace
  7. Trail of Thorns
  8. My Dear Recipe
  9. Torture Me
  10. Time to Go

Comedown (2010)Edit

Mono Inc. - Comedown
  1. Comedown
  2. In My Darkest Hours
  3. Why can't I
  4. If I Fail (Servantes remix by Heimataerde)
  5. Trail of Thorns (Agra-remix)
  6. Two Sinners (Remix by Combichrist)

Viva Hades (2011)Edit

Mono Inc. - Viva Hades
Viva Hades
  1. Admiration Hill
  2. Symphony Of Pain
  3. A Love That Never Dies
  4. Viva Hades
  5. Potter's Field
  6. C'est La Vie
  7. Revenge
  8. When All My Cards Are Played
  9. The Best Of You
  10. Never Say Die
  11. Reminiscence

After the War (Single) (2012)Edit

Mono Inc. - After The War (Single)
After the War (Single)
  1. After the War
  2. The Promise
  3. No More Fear
  4. After the War

After the War (2012)Edit

Mono Inc. - After The War
After the War
  1. My Worst Enemy
  2. No More Fear
  3. After the War
  4. Wave No Flag
  5. Arabia
  6. In the End
  7. From the Ashes
  8. Grown
  9. My Songs Wear Black
  10. Forever
  11. The Long Way Home

Revenge (2012)Edit

Mono Inc. - Revenge
  1. Revenge
  2. Tired of the Day
  3. Forgiven (Live)
  4. Revenge (Live)
  5. Voices of Doom (Live)
  6. Revenge (Degradation Mix)
  7. Revenge (Afterglow Version)

MMXII (2013)Edit

Mono Inc. - MMXII
  1. Voices of Doom
  2. Arabia
  3. Beggars and Kings
  4. When Love's Gone (backstage, live & unplugged)

Nimmermehr (2013)Edit

Mono Inc. - Nimmermehr
  1. Heile, heile Segen
  2. Seligkeit
  3. My Deal With God
  4. Kein Weg zu weit
  5. Euthanasia
  6. Alles was bleibt
  7. The Clock Ticks On
  8. A Better Way to Die
  9. Herzschlag
  10. Days Like This
  11. Ich teile dich nicht
  12. Nimmermehr

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