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The Lady

This song is by Monique Whalen.

I may not be the best girl in the world
And I'm no lady, no, no
But I know exactly how they act
And I know what she'll say

You'll hurt her; that's a fact
You'll break her heart, and that's for sure
But she'll be a lady, 'cause she knows no different
And she'll never let you know

You're the biggest fool I've ever met for letting this one go
Because she'd love you, mmm, so much
Boy she loves you more than you'll ever know

She'll cry her tears alone
And she'll wish she could beg you not to go
But she'll keep her pride, hold her head high
And you'll never know

She's the one who would love you
More than you'll ever deserve
And she's the one you shouldn't be leaving
But because she's a lady she won't tell you so

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