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This song is by Monique Whalen.

The most beautiful loves I've ever known
You condemn them as sin
Stolen hours with my lover
You tell me to get on my knees and pray to have them never again

But how can I feel guilty
For what my heart tells me is right
How can I bear your shame and sorrow
When I see nothing but truth and light

And maybe I was wrong
But I always kind of thought
That any God worth believing in was the forgiving kind

Don't tell of his power
The mountains tell me that
Don't speak to me of his mysteries
The sea and sky can show me everything

I fail to see how any sort of deity
Can take any kind of pleasure
In the cruel things we do in their names
And I don't believe that god wishes hurt on anyone

Children, let your hearts not be troubled
There's no need to fear anything
If you could only look through my eyes
And see the love I see

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