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Let's Straighten It Out

This song is by Monica, features Usher and appears on the album Miss Thang (1995).

Sit yourself down boy and talk to me
Tell me what's on your mind.
Don't keep on tellin' me everythings okay
'Cause if it was you wouldn't be crying.
You been actin' real funny when I see you lately,
Sittin' around poutin all day long.
Now how in the world do you expect me to understand,
When I don't even know what's wrong... hmmm

Lets straighten it out (x4)

For the last few days when I saw you baby,
I knew something just wasn't right.
There's so many things goin' through my head,
I didn't wanna start another fight.
But if you're tired of people being bothered baby,
In a world where we're all alone.
Instead of being a part of the problem baby,
You and me oughta be gettin' along, yeah...

We need to straighten it out,
Me and you, you and me baby,
Lets straighten it out, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Lets straighten it out, lets straighten it out baby,
I think its time for me and you to straighten it out, yeah.
Lets straighten it out.

Now how in the world do you expect me to understand,
Hmm, when I don't even know what's wrong,
Baby, baby, baby lets straighten it out.

Fade till end

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