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Act Like That

This song is by Mongrel and appears on the album Better Than Heavy (2009).

Why do yout man got 'Act Like That'
Let's break it down 'Fact By Fact'
The government sell 'Gats Like Crack'
So everywhere it's 'Blap Blap Blap'
On TV it's 'Blap Blap Blap'
On CDs it's'Blap Blap Blap'
In the Middle East it's 'Blap Blap Blap'
On these streets it's 'Blap Blap Blap' x2

'It's like everyday ?man hears there's a madness
Too many homeboys caught in a badness
Soon it's 'BUK DUK DUK' and the gat spits in his target practice
But the fact is, you know someting? My lot ain't the one who brining all the guns in
I know that Col Jack, the arms trade that's where the funds is'

'Fuck Lil Wayne! (come again?) I said fuck Lil Wayne!
And the other septic aims of American media tryna leave us blood stained
And fuck the corrupt generals in the army smuggling arms in from Ukraine
I hope one of the buckies bring to my bunnies
Burstin bullets out of your braze???'

'Shots and I don't mean shots in a glass
Shots in the broad day light or the dark by the park with big firearms
Now I don't admire harm'

'It's too late for peace and love
The red in the heart say ...
If a generation wants to murder
Then I'm gonna point at somein worth killing off
Baby boy be smart when strapped
And stop aiming at your own reflection
Channel the energy in Babylon's direction
Let's get this art of war perfected'

' See I'm a cat for da beats
CDs stack up my peas
And if it don't work with da music
Yeah I'm back to the streets
Shot crack or da weed
Nah I don't act like a G
'Cause I know that I'm glad to be me
I hear Mcs tryin' so hard just to be top of the tune
Rhyme's not on da beat!'

'I know a man with a gun
It ain't hard to get one
I ain't from London I come from Kent blud
Mama got a dead son blud that's redrum
The killers all gone before the feds come
One fella got shot on his doorstep how many more dead?
Till somebody forfit
My boy got hold of a loaded four fifth
Lift the full clip and he killed a schoolkid'

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