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​Cloak & Dagger

This song is by Mona.

Come like secret dances
Show me the shadows of your mind
Take me to a place where
There are things you've tried to hide

Come like cloak and dagger
Show me the madness in your stance
This just vicious lover
I'm just trying to understand


Tell me I'm the wild one
Others locked up while I ride
You're the reason I'm stuck
Can't you see I've lost my pride

Ooh, oh, oh
Oh, oh oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

And I'm strung out
And wanting, wanting
And you can't fight
Knowing that it feels right
And everything around tonight
Keeps making me lose sight

So just remember me
And all the things I wanna be
Just let me know that you believe
Just let me know that you believe

Ooh, oh, oh
Ooh, oh, oh

Written by:

Nick Brown; Vincent Gard; Jordan Young; Zachary Lindsey