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Die She Must

This song is by Molotov Jive.

Those boys around you look so pale
With no choice but to catch your attention or fail
Those things that they said
They mean more than all records that they'll ever had
Take my advice
If you turn to me I'll be your tumbling dice
Turn off the lights
And we'll dance to that music you said was so nice

We grow and we move on
It takes one to know one
I'm stoned to your face
Cecilia where are you'
I hadn't in mind to
Go there again
Cecilia where are you'
It wasn't my intention to!

Die she must again and again
And I know it's late but can I come in'

And I'd love to hear that nothing will get you low
I breath I think I laugh for you
You know I spend every dime
And it hurts to see that I'm wasting my time
Die she must
'Cause nothing will get her low

One day all bridges turns to dust
All lights will burn out and all promises rust
The lack of spine, she said
It goes to my head and it swallows me down

We grow and we move on

Die she must

Nothing will get you low

Nothing will get you low

Nothing will get you low
I breath, I think, I laugh
For you


Written by:

Anton Annersand

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