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This song is by Molotov Jive.

Anna, don't you leave the house tonight
And Anna, don't you leave the house, you know the first
Born birds will break you down, just down
Anna, smiles are what you will see
Anna, smiles are what you will see but them smiles
Confuse, you don't know what they mean

And I don't want to give my blood
To a friend of mine who's never caring
And from now and on I won't be sharing
Pages from my diary
Now she's standing in another corner
And I don't know maybe I should warn her
When she comes she never makes a single sound

Anna, you never paid the ride
Anna, you didn't pay the ride and you watched the whole
Game without choosing side
Anna, you never wash your dirty mind
But your clothes are clean and you smell of soap and when
You choke you don't even share the rope

And I don't want to

And I say I don't believe you
I say that girl you know the first one was you
And she say I don't know what difference it makes
If I move or stick around with you

Written by:

Anton Annersand

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