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Killa Bunnies

This song is by Moloko and appears on the album Do You Like My Tight Sweater? (1995).

Sniveling little bunny
Bouncing up and down
Scummy little creatures
Run them out of town
In their tiny tunnels
Scuffling under ground
Toxic little bunny
It can always be found

Danger, evil rodent
Multiplying every day
Bunny's taking over
Get on your knees and pray
Filthy fluffy creatures
Teeth as sharp as knives
The long-eared ones are coming
Run, run, run... for your lives!

Killa bunny is a coming
Killa bunny's on his way
Killa bunny is a coming
Are you hearing what I say?

Killa... bunny... on... his way...

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