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Do You Like My Tight Sweater? (1995)Edit

Moloko - Do You Like My Tight Sweater-

Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

  1. Fun for Me
  2. Tight Sweater
  3. Day for Night
  4. I Can't Help Myself
  5. Circus
  6. Lotus Eaters
  7. On My Horsey
  8. Dominoid
  9. Party Weirdo
  10. Tubeliar
  11. Ho Humm
  12. Butterfly 747
  13. Dirty Monkey
  14. Killa Bunnies
  15. Boo
  16. Where Is the What If the What Is in Why?
  17. Who Shot the Go Go Dancer?
  18. Fun For Me (Plankton's Pondlife Mix)

I Am Not A Doctor (1998)Edit

Moloko - I Am Not a Doctor

I Am Not a Doctor

  1. The Flipside
  2. Knee Deepen
  3. Blink
  4. Stylophone Pet
  5. Downsized
  6. Sorry
  7. Sing It Back
  8. Pretty Bridges
  9. Be Like You
  10. Caught In A Whisper
  11. Dr Zee
  12. The Id
  13. Tatty Narja
  14. Over My Head
  15. Should've Been Could've Been

Things To Make And Do (2000)Edit

Moloko - Things To Make And Do

Things To Make And Do

  1. Radio Moscow
  2. Pure Pleasure Seeker
  3. Absent Minded Friends
  4. Indigo
  5. Being Is Bewildering
  6. Remain The Same
  7. A Drop In The Ocean
  8. Dumb Inc.
  9. The Time Is Now
  10. Mother
  11. It's Your Problem
  12. It's Nothing
  13. Bingo Massacre
  14. Somebody Somewhere
  15. Just You And Me Dancing
  16. If You Have A Cross To Bear You May As Well Use It As A Crutch
  17. Keep Stepping
  18. Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)

All Back to the Mine (2001)Edit

Moloko - All Back to the Mine

All Back to the Mine

  1. Time Is Now (DJ Plankton Mix)
  2. The Flipside (Herbert Surround Sound Mix)
  3. Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pleasure For Life UK Vocal)
  4. Dominoid (Panty Sniffer Mix)
  5. Sing It Back (Mousse T's Feel Love Mix)
  6. Indigo (Robbie Rivera's Dark Mix)
  7. Pure Pleasure Seeker (Oscar G's Cube Libre Dub)
  8. The Flipside (Swag Mocoder Dub)
  9. Knee Deepen (Salt City Orchestra Edit)
  10. Sing It Back (Can 7's 1930 Mix)
  11. The Time Is Now (Bambino Casino Mix)
  12. Lotus Eaters (Funk In Your Neighbourhood Mix)
  13. Party Wierdo (Wackdown Mix)
  14. Fun For Me (Plankton's Pondlife)
  15. Indigo (All Seeing I Glamoloko Edit)
  16. Lotus Eaters (Luke Vibert's Plug Mix)
  17. The Flipside (DJ Krust Dub Edit)
  18. Where Is the What If the What Is In Why (Wonderbrook Mix)
  19. Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pizzicato Mix)
  20. Day For Night (Quarter Master Mix)
  21. The Time Is Now (FK Blissed Out Dub)

Statues (2003)Edit

Moloko - Statues


  1. Familiar Feeling
  2. Come On
  3. Cannot Contain This
  4. Statues
  5. Forever More
  6. Blow X Blow
  7. 100%
  8. The Only Ones
  9. I Want You
  10. Over And Over

Catalogue (2006)Edit

Moloko - Catalogue


  1. The Time Is Now
  2. Sing It Back
  3. Fun For Me
  4. Familiar Feeling
  5. Pure Pleasure Seeker
  6. Cannot Contain This
  7. Bankrupt Emotionally
  8. Day For Night
  9. Indigo
  10. The Flipside
  11. Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?
  12. Forever More
  13. Statues

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