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Wolves of Graven Hate

This song is by Molested and appears on the EP Stormvold (1997).

In the forest of stormstolen branches
Breeds the hate of lonely wolves
For years they have eaten tender hearts
But not from those with a thornful skin
Burnt souls fall dead from the mist I wander
Beware what's act behind each stone

And every eye counting my steps
A marching thunder crushes through the clouds
Stones roll down from the mountain sides
Spirits crawl back to their ravens nests
Wolves of Graven Hate

Again freeze along with their hearts
The path turn bloodred like the skies
And the wood in the front drown in darkness
Over the stoneless field I walk
Still on the path where blood stream
And where eyes of wolves always gleam

Onward I go, and my shadow creeps
Wolves are storming through the forest
Beyond branches where owls violently stare


Music by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

Lyrics by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

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