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The Usurper's Winterblood

This song is by Molested and appears on the EP Stormvold (1997).

A wind of storming ravens comes from the horizon
And the moon follows the thunder into black skies
The cold and sharp frost carve into my skin along the bones
And every flower unthorned seems to weep
Every cave seems to suffer from dark forces' extinction
Grimness march over every cliffs and descends in valleys
And every beast wander along with their hearts

Not last, but still in plague-acting ways
I crawl at the ground, my soul lurks for blood
The Usurpers Winterblood

Owls up high, will never weep nor cry
Shields of the rainbow is broken
The winds carry the weapons of frost, snow and thunder
Paths unwalked opens, while wolves are gleaming and staring
Devoured by the flaming darkness

Into the forestare of winds and pale frost
Storming through the gate, not forever lost
Beyond the burning branches and freezing treetops
Wolves howl bitterly to the sky above the raging mountains
Not for the awakening of the moon, but for the endless stream of the Usurper's Wintermoon

Music by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

Lyrics by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

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