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This song is by Molested and appears on the EP Stormvold (1997).

The forest of carnivore storms
Throw spell upon wings of my ravens
Beyond, the torches are lifted high
To stop the heart of the breeding darkness
Through the fog, burning souls still march
In spite of the frozen silver thorns

Carry their hearts still unable to fly
Never to fight my ravens, nor thy owls
See the flames burning through my forest
And the hate cover up with the fog
A reek of burning blood, breed thy might
In the carved and still bloodred skull

Beholded by the eyes of fighting owls
Wolves lurk through forest and behind stones

Again the weather was burning
But not the wings of my ravens, nor thy owls


Music by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

Lyrics by:

Øystein G. Brun, Erlend Erichsen

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