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​The Pleasurelegience

This song is by Mojo Nixon and appears on the album Whereabouts Unknown (1999).

Brothers and sisters
Friends of the revolution
Let me tell ya somethin'

In the beginning, there was pleasure
And it was good
And four bars and seven drinks ago
In order to form a more perfect Las Vegas
We, the weird, mushroom-gobbling army of insanity
With one nation under Deano
Do solemnly pledge
(Let me tell ya--take the pledge)

I pledge allegiance
To Tom Jones
Drinking and gambling
To fornication
To visit the holy city at least once a year
Oh, lead us not to Wayne Newton
And deliver us from Michael Bolton!

(Say it after me now, say)
Do solemnly swear
To go forth
Skip work
Sleep late
And make pleasure on the planet
Yeah, I'm a Pleasurebaron
Let the drinking begin!