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Richard Petty

This song is by Mojo Nixon and appears on the compilation album Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg (1997).

Okay, wait, maybe we should
Maybe we should launch some airplanes during the song
Can I ask you how, if you got an ending?
No, we ain't got no ending
What do you think about that, Spare Mike?
We only got three
We get a bootleg here
And uh
Here, it's all wound up
Okay, you rollin' there, Roland?
You see tape rollin' in there, Bullethead?
Okay, here we go
Are you ready Mr. Associate producer?
You ready Skid?
Ready Spare Mike?
Here we go

Richard Petty

Richard Petty
(I couldn't hear it)

Richard Petty
Who da king?
Stock car king
Richard Petty
He da king
C'mon Richard, let's go

Oh, Freddy
Richard Petty
Turn number one
Turn number two
Number three
Number four
Richard Petty
Oh yeah
(Richard Petty)

Rock and roll
(This is Chris Economaki at the speedway)

(Richard Petty)

Richard Petty

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