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Otis (1990)Edit

Mojo Nixon - Otis


  1. Destroy All Lawyers
  2. I Wanna Race Bigfoot Trucks
  3. Ain't High Falutin'
  4. Shane's Dentist
  5. Rabies Baby
  6. Put A Sex Mo-Sheen In The White House
  7. Star Spangled Mojo
  8. You Can Dress 'Em Up (But You Can't Take 'Em Out)
  9. Don Henley Must Die
  10. Perry Mason Of Love
  11. Took Out The Trash And Never Came Back
  12. Gonna Be A New World

Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg (1997)Edit

Mojo Nixon - Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg

Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg

  1. UFO's, Big Rigs & BBQ
  2. Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen
  3. I Like Marijuana
  4. The Poontango
  5. Take Me To Your Leader
  6. Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus
  7. Winnebago Warrior
  8. King O' Sleaze
  9. Beer Ain't Drinkin'
  10. Go Back Home
  11. Death Row Blues
  12. Amsterdam Dogshit Blues
  13. I'm Drunk
  14. Tulane
  15. She's All Liquored Up
  16. High School Is A Prison
  17. Richard Petty

Whereabouts Unknown (1999)Edit

Mojo Nixon - Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown

  1. Gotta Be Free
  2. Not As Much As Football
  3. Mr. Correct (Don't Tell Me What To Do)
  4. Buck up & Stop Your Whinin'
  5. My Free Will Just Ain't Willin'
  6. Girlfriend In A Coma
  7. The Pleasurelegience
  8. Don't Ask Me Why I Drink
  9. My T.V. Is Watchin' Me
  10. Take A Look In My Eyes
  11. Tie My Pecker To My Leg
  12. You Can't Kill Me
  13. If I Can Dream

The Real Sock Ray Blue (1999)Edit

Mojo Nixon - The Real Sock Ray Blue

The Real Sock Ray Blue

  1. I Don't Want No Cybersex
  2. The Ballad Of Country Dick
  3. Drunk Divorced Floozie
  4. U.P.S. My Heart To You
  5. Machines Ain't Music
  6. Disney Is The Enemy
  7. Rock N' Roll Hall Of Lame
  8. I Gotta Crazy Wife
  9. You Can't Buy Cool
  10. Tankman Blues
  11. Orenthal James (Was A Mighty Bad Man)
  12. Redneck Rampage
  13. When Did I Become My Dad

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