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Ask Me Tomorrow (1995)Edit

Mojave 3 - Ask Me Tomorrow
Ask Me Tomorrow
  1. Love Songs on the Radio
  2. Sarah
  3. Tomorrow's Taken
  4. Candle Song 3
  5. You're Beautiful
  6. Where Is the Love
  7. After All
  8. Pictures
  9. Mercy

Out of Tune (1998)Edit

Mojave 3 - Out Of Tune
Out of Tune
  1. Who Do You Love
  2. Give What You Take
  3. Some Kinda Angel
  4. All Your Tears
  5. Yer Feet
  6. Caught Beneath Your Heel
  7. Keep It All Hid
  8. Baby's Coming Home
  9. To Whom Should I Write
Bonus track on US release
  1. This Road I'm Travelling

Excuses for Travellers (2000)Edit

Mojave 3 - Excuses For Travellers
Excuses for Travellers
  1. In Love with a View
  2. Trying to Reach You
  3. My Life in Art
  4. Return to Sender
  5. When You're Drifting
  6. Any Day Will Be Fine
  7. She Broke You So Softly
  8. Prayer for the Paranoid
  9. Bringin' Me Home
  10. Got My Sunshine
Bonus tracks on US release
  1. Krazy Koz
  2. Always Right

Spoon and Rafter (2003)Edit

Mojave 3 - Spoon And Rafter
Spoon and Rafter
  1. Bluebird of Happiness
  2. Starlite #1
  3. Billoddity
  4. Writing to St. Peter
  5. Battle of the Broken Hearts
  6. Hard to Miss You
  7. Tinkers Blues
  8. She's All Up Above
  9. Too Many Mornings
  10. Between the Bars

Puzzles Like You (2006)Edit

Mojave 3 - Puzzles Like You
Puzzles Like You
  1. Truck Driving Man
  2. Puzzles Like You
  3. Breaking the Ice
  4. Running with Your Eyes Closed
  5. Most Days
  6. Big Star Baby
  7. Ghost Ship Waiting
  8. Kill the Lights
  9. You Said It Before
  10. To Hold Your Tiny Toes
  11. Just a Boy
  12. The Mutineer

Other SongsEdit

  1. All I Want
  2. Between Us
  3. Bill Oddity
  4. Go Lady Go
  5. Starlight, No. 1
  6. Tinker's Blues

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