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One Man Band

This song is by Moe Bandy and appears on the album You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me (1987).

She don't need bright lights for dancing past midnight
You won't see her hanging out with the crowd
Her kind of party is right here at home
'Happy Together' is her favorite song
Her only pastime is making sweet love until dawn

Cause that ring on her hand is a one man band
Holding together this woman and man
She don't need anybody but me
When it's all said and done, and the evening is through
I'll be the one she's coming home to
That ring that you see on her hand is a one man band

Love is the right key for two hearts in harmony
The smile that she wears keeps me singing along
That unbroken circle is more than a ring
It's a promise to her and it means everything
And know that forever there's only one man in her dreams

That ring on her hand is a one man band...

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