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​Monday Night Cheatin'

This song is by Moe Bandy and appears on the album I Still Love You In The Same Ol' Way (1983).

The wife thinks he's going to the Holiday Inn
To watch Monday Night Football
In the bar with his friends
But the game on his mind ain't the one on TV
It's on Monday night cheating in Room 203

They meet in the barroom while the crowd finds a seat
The TV's turned on, they're turned on to cheat
With a toss of the coin they see who gets the ball
And when it comes time for kickoff
They slip down the hall

It's Monday night cheatin' at the local motel
And they won't be missing Howard Cosell
They'll love till it's over
Till the clocks out of time
And then slip away till next Monday night

He's stops at the bar before he heads home
To have one short drink and find out the score
Was Pittsburgh the winner? Did they lose or tie?
He's got to know 'cause it's his alibi

It's Monday night cheatin' at the local motel...