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Drivin' My Love Back To You

This song is by Moe Bandy and appears on the album I Still Love You In The Same Ol' Way (1983).

I was sure when I left you in Dallas
It was over we were through
But when I pulled into the diner in Little Rock
It was funny I was thinking of you

Then 15 miles outside of Memphis
For the first time I started having doubts
And by the time I pulled into Nashville
I found out what hurtin' is all about

So I'm drivin' my love back to you
I've got a lot of making up to do
It took a road this long to see that I was wrong
So I'm drivin' my love back to you

Well it seems like it's taking forever
Each mile I drive feels just like ten
I wonder where the airport is in Memphis
I can't wait to see you again

So I'm drivin' my love back to you...

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