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Plane Crash

This song is by moe. and appears on the album Tin Cans And Car Tires (1998).

Up in the sky it's bird it's a plane
Yeah it's a plane
I'm not afraid to fly I'm not afraid
Yeah I guess I'm afraid
Fear is a good thing
It teaches us humility
And it can keep us sane
So I'll fly high if I have to
If I could I take the train

Livin' away from home on the road all the time
Ah, all the time
Driving up and down and back and forth
No reason or rhyme
Yeah you guess right
Makes a grown man confront his fears
Consider options he'd normally decline
I'm gonna find my ticket to fly
I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna fly

Strap me in, tie me down
And roll me a bone
I'm gettin' on an airplane
And I'm flying home

Strap me in, tie me down
I'm learning to fly
Drive across the country
I get too fuckin' high

(Too fuckin' high) I don't wanna die
(Too fuckin' high) too fuckin' high
(Too fuckin' high) too fuckin' high
(Too fuckin' high) Yeah

Fly me so high yeah 20' 30 thousand
That's pretty high
When they take off my chest sinks
My ears pop I pray
I lie
I think about the network news to torture myself
And to pass the time
They tell me my seat cusion is a floatation device
Pray to God they ain't lying

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