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Young Man On A Spree

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album Witness (2005).

I'm in an awful state, It's getting late, and I'm full of questions
My overactive mind has been wastin' all my time.
So I've been wandering aimless every night and sleeping every day
But it really doesn't matter anyways 'cause-
The second coming has been cancelled since
Sometime around '82 when Jesus looked down from his cloud and saw school kids-
They were duck and covering
There's nothing gonna happen out there
So let's stay in
Just come on over, and let me in

Outside my windows the sun could be shining
But in my head it's all rain, rain and sirens
We'll have our own Hollywood scandal show
You wire me up
I'll be ready to go
I'll do anything
I'll assassinate all the stars-
Of all of your bad dreams
I'll be all yours, just as long as you stay with me
'Cause I don't wanna be alone, when these walls start closing in

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