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Stagger Lee

This song is by Modern Life Is War and appears on the album Midnight In America (2007).

My name is Stagger Lee.
And I'm walking through the ice and snow.
And my girl threw me out last week.
And I'm fucking broke.
Nothing but this dollar in my pocket and my Colt .45.
Don't look at me the wrong way...
'Cause I got nothing to lose tonight.

I walk into JD's.
I put a dollar down.
I turn a dollar into a few.
I start drinking and I turn around.
'Cause I feel a pair of eyes burning into the back of my neck.
He's whispering to the barkeep.
The goddamn fool won't stop staring at me.
So I shoot up from my seat and press the cold steel to his head and said
"Don't you know who the fuck I am?"
He said, "Stagger Lee, please don't take my life.
I've got a kid back home
And I've got a wife."
He said, "Please, Stagger, please.
I'm a friend, not a foe. But your girl is with Billy at the Flamingo.
I just thought you should know."

So I pistol whip him in the teeth and walk outside.
Steal the first fast car I see. A
Nd as my blood starts to boil...
I start to take a little ride.
Leave the car running.
Pull down the brim of my Black Stetson Hat.
Look around and I see no witness.
One last drink from my silver flask.
I kick open the door. I see their bodies intertwined.
I see the fear in their eyes. I point my Colt .45
And I feel divine.

Stagger Lee... you're a bad, bad man.
Oh Stagger Lee, you're going straight to hell.

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