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This song is by Miu.

What is this peaceful place?
It's deep, wide, and wonderful
These blessings from the earth just keep on flowing

My eyes now opened wide
To a land so beautiful
So many wonders I could take in

All the birds and the bees are humming
All the flowers and the trees are dancing
Butterflies spread their wings and flying
All the wonders are truly enchanting

My heart, please beat still
Deep within wonders
All this awe I feel
Fluttering Wonders

What is this place
Filled with so many wonders?
Casting its spell
That I am now under

Squirrels in the trees
And the cute little bunnies
Birds flying free
And bees with their honey

O, Take me to your land
So deep, wide, and wonderful
In the grounds, cross the river, keep on flowing

Enchant with me your spell
In this land so beautiful
Fluttering wonders
I am now under...

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