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I Think I Should Be

This song is by Mista.

I'll remain humble, my heart is always open because I
Undersand, behind every great man is a stronger woman
Anything that you need after all that we've been through
Girl there's no limit to tha things that I'm gonna do for u

And baby no matter how high I climb I'll always be two
Steps behind you Cause every time I look in to ur eyes
I see tha pain that was cause and baby I apologize and
That's why I...

I think I should be the only one to luv ya and you should
Be with me for the rest of my life I think I should be the
Only one to luv ya and you shouldbe with me for the rest
Of my life

Crack tha window baby, tha rain is on its way to wash
Away ur worries baby from ur busy day like a jewel in
Tha nile ur such a sight to see its hard for me to fathom
Anyone loving you but me

So baby just tell me what's botherin u? And I'll, I'll be
Right there for you case No man...

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