Missy Elliott:Party Time Lyrics

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Party Time

This song is by Missy Elliott.

(two guys talking)

What time is it?

Tonight is party time, its partytime tonight ( x4 )

Check this out
A lot of hip hop but ya'll jus small talkas
ya'll could risk gettin cut off like some knickerboxers. album flop but ya'll better off playin soccer, misdemeanor my demeana be the club rocka, my flow propa keep my goodies in a locka, not a artist but i am a shot a vodka, private stocka numba one game talka, when i start it up there will not be one stoppa, f**k around and get ya dome cracked like a cracka matta fact i break ya bones like a chiropracta, never slack up or rack up, i leave ya fractured on the curb wicky werrr, leave ya fractured, hatas all in my face could ya please back up, hatas smilin in my face ya need ta be an acta, be jacka call for back up 'cause i smick smick smackk now tell me whos back.

tonight its party time its partytime tonight ( x4 )
WOO check it

Most individuals swear they invisible, guys think im more important than the supa bowl, rhymin is a ritual now pay me my residual, 'cause errday and all day ya hear me on ya stereo, im in tha centerfold i make the guys lose control, n in the studio im droppin hits from a booty ho, ya from julio? ya'll dont wanna test me yo 'cause when im done rappin make ya hair look like coolio's, now please cool it yo misdemeanor real pro ficky ficky real pro wit a ficky ill flow i kick down down and i rock mini shows, i put a tag on ya to an call ya john doe, missy be tha name and M E is my intials, forget about it like tha world forgot about sisqo, take it to tha club pop rock it to tha disco, think ya outta know its bout to get phyriscal

tonight its partytime, its partytime tonight ( x4 )

i dont care 'cause me dude not fear, punt d punt right straight thru ya ear, best beware when ya come around herre, dont ya dare come unprepared, misdemeanor watch them suckas sleep sleep uhh, got them keys to tha jeep beep beep uhh, misdemeanor put it pon ya leak, ride the beat on a 1 2 treat blah!

tonight is partytime its partime tonight