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Icky Vicky

This song is by Missy Elliott.

V I C K Y the sound of her name makes little kids cry ah!
Hey, Vicky
You're so, so icky
Just the thought of being around you
Makes me o' so sicky

Hey Vicky
Won't you please explain
Why you get so much enjoyment out of causing kids pain
Oh oh OH!

A chick whos just plain mean
A sour sweet sixteen
She's a fire breathing dragon in a pair of black jeans!

Don't worry about forgetting my birthday was today, Mom and Dad.
Its ok.

(Timmy's Dad)
What? Forgot your birthday?!

(Timmy's mom)
We'd never forget your birthday, Tommy.

(Timmy's Dad)
Your birthday isn't until tomorrow!


(Parents together)
Happy almost birthday timmy!

(Back to the song)
Hey vicky
Won't you tell us true
How we ever found out to be stuck with you

Oh, vicky
Can we say one thing
That you're total super yuckiness makes us want to sing

Icky vicky
Eww eww!
Icky vicky
Eww eww!
Icky vicky!


I hate music.

Icky vicky!

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