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This song is by Misser and appears on the EP Problems. Problems. Problems. (2011).

We keep our heads down just on separate streets
In different bedrooms under separate sheets
With different headphones, we nod our heads to same beats
Sink into different poets till the words give you the creeps
Because the truth is it's all been getting to me
It's just a little to uncanny for me to believe
So just keep writing the same songs, send them all to me
And I'll keep walking around this town with my heart on my sleeve
Someday some way we'll make this end
This is the fourth time that I have been here today
Head stuck in the clouds searching for something to say
We're living parallel lives just under different names
You just pick up all the bad habits I have learned to evade
This is the one, two three, fourth time that I've been here today
Eyes glued to the ground searching for something to say
Just give him four more lines, yeah than he'll be okay
Fucked and numb to the world, but yeah who isn't today

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