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This song is by Miseration and appears on the album Your Demons – Their Angels (2007).

In a Land of Darkness
In the dark of night, only death in their souls
No escape you will die
Death warriors spreading fear
Ready to abolish mankind, they are back, back to kill
They are the legions
Legions of the dead

Slaves of death manifests in the light
Human extinction is at hand
Ripping our flesh tormenting our souls
They are the legions of the dead.

I horde from above riding chariots on fire
Sealed with shining armours
Illuminating darkness
Chosen light to be their guide
In the dark of night they are back
Back to fight they are the legions
The legions of light.

Holy servants, avengers of justice
Demon extinction is at hand,
Ripping their flesh tormenting their souls
They are the legions legions of light

I am the one who protects your innocence
I am the one who condemns all the lies
I am the one who gives you shelter through the pain
I am the one who gives you life.

I am the one who devours your innocence
I am the one tormenting your flesh
I am the one feeding you guilt
I am the one demolishing your existence.

They are Nemesis this is the final battle
The end has come with violence and bloodshed
This last confrontation, a life ending struggle
Judgement day has come, prepare for the doom.

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